• Tetem Expo Space (map)
  • 16 Stroinksbleekweg
  • Enschede, Overste, 7523 ZL
  • Netherlands

Solo Exhibition Anouk Wipprecht // Robotic Couture

What would the world look like if our clothes could protect us, influence our perception, or play games with us?

Fashion-tech designer Anouk Wipprecht is renowned for her innovative designs and makes technology portable. She creates futuristic designs that light up, move or shoot video without the wearer having to do something about it. Anouk works together with different computer modules and sensors to transform a person’s biometric information into automated responses. Of Smoke Dress That Produces Smoke When You Get Closer And Spider Dress Attacking With Spider Paws When Somebody Enters The Personal Space Of The Carrier, To The Agent Unicorn Headset That Can Help Children With ADHD And The DrinkBot Dress: A Cocktail-Making Dress That Makes The Viewer challenges a game of truth or dare.

Fashion in a broader perspective, Wipprecht is like no other. In this first solo exhibition in the Netherlands, Anouk shows a statement in each design and makes them the spectator part of the design process. With Robotic Couture she bridges technical innovations, design and art.

Anouk’s work makes a connection between Tetem’s Programming Driving Technology and local textile history. The exceptional way Anouk combines technology and fashion and designs experiences, provides a new context for the former textile city of Enschede and its desire to develop into a Smart City. A confrontation with a Wipprecht dress is irrevocably a special event and makes one curious about the future of clothing.

Robotic Couture will be open on Thursday 18 May at 17:00 by Anouk Wipprecht, followed by a walking act and the opportunity to make your own cocktail by the DrinkBotDress.

On Saturday, May 20th, Anouk Wipprecht will lecture during the Maker Festival Twente about Robotic Dresses & Biomimicry.